Byj.b Priestley 's An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls is a definitive play written by J.B Priestley. Published in 1946, however set in the early years before The First World War, this play explores the many aspects of society that were diminishing during Priestley’s life. It stages, the Birling Family – high class and respected within their society, however frankly their false façade, was slowly stripped away revealing, their inner, hidden, corrupt morals. Whilst having a riveting and uncanny twist, the play does indeed, explore many themes, in which subsequently foreshadowed, Society at that day and age. Priestley portrays a message that still echoes in the world today – everyone should live as a loving community, and all should always take responsibility for the less fortunate. The theme of responsibility plays an important part in the message Priestley preached. Priestley wanted to show us that we have responsibility to others to act fairly and without prejudice and that we do not live in isolation. Our actions do affect others. This is the whole concept of collective responsibility. To show responsibility changes the person in many ways, like it transformed the lives of Eric and Sheila Birling. They had realised, and grew to be more aware of their social responsibilities unlike their impertinent parents. So in this essay, I will be exploring, how the theme of responsibility, plays a major role in lives of the characters, yet the lives of the audience and further generations as well.
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