C. Kliewer's Schooling Children With Down Syndrome

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The book Schooling Children with Down Syndrome by C. Kliewer orients readers to see the exclusion of people Down Syndrome from mainstream society as a social construct anchored on a misconstrued medicalized notion to label people living with Down Syndrome as being mentally retarded. From central theme permeating this book- the social model of disability, I draw parallels to my experience as an International student in the United States because like a person living with Down Syndrome, I struggle to attain “citizenship”. At present, my racial and political identity bothers between being an “alien” or a “squatter”.
Explaining the meaning of the referenced metaphors, the socially ascribed identity of being an alien is reflective of a utilitarian
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I simply would not expend my energies trying to convince people to accept me as a citizen in the US or in my male dominated home country-Nigeria. See minutes 1:02- 1: 19 in my video. Rather, I choose to expend my energies to the noble task of nurturing children to reaching their fullest potentials through teaching. I see my positioning as a means to achieving my dream of being a teacher. As a result, I restrict myself to creating coping mechanisms to uphold my dignity and self worth in the complex social web of human reciprocacy.
Perhaps maybe its because I know that there is a positive factor of being ‘the other’, i.e. capitalizing on your disability to become an inspiration pornstar, that I am not willing to fight for the right to be treated as a citizen... as hilarious and ironic this may sound, sadly this is my agenda!.
In conclusion, book Schooling Children with Down Syndrome has made me question my other identities, see minute 0: 21- 0:44, that conform to dominant culture; am I conforming these popular socially accepted identities because I truly want to? or because I want to exploit and enjoy the social privileges associated with those
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