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FB4303 Strategy and Policy Semester B 2015 Instructor: Dr Eddie Yu, Associate Professor, Department of Management Class venue: AC2 1511 (Week 1 to 6) AC2 CSC room (Week 7 to 13) Email: Room: AC 1 G7405 Tel: 3442 7879 1.0 Course Overview As a capstone course for the final year students of the BBA program, Strategy & Policy is designed to integrate concepts and knowledge from functional disciplines in the program. It is a “big picture” course, i.e. instead of concentrating narrowly on a particular function or unit of the business, you must examine the total organization and environment within which it operates, and analyse the causes of its success or failure. Managers today …show more content…

3.0 Business Strategy Game (BSG) Overview (BSG Period Week 7 to 12) 3.1 General management of the firm and strategy implementation The BSG emphasizes the integrative skills and perspectives required for general management of a firm. In order to develop this set of skills, you will need to draw on things you have been taught in functional areas such as accounting, finance and marketing and learn how those different functional areas work together in a successful enterprise. The best – and most painful – way to learn those integrative skills is by spending a number of years working as general manager of a firm. The closest we can get in the classroom is good competitive business simulation. We will use a computer-aided competitive simulation in the first part of the course to give you some experience dealing with the challenges of general management. The Business Strategy Game is a computer simulation game that is designed to help students understand the challenge of managing a business and create an integrated, capstone experience. It will provide you with a realistic competitive environment, albeit a simulated one, that will require you to utilize everything that you have learned in the past several years as a business major. In addition, there are several other dimensions to the game that will help to prepare you for the "real" world that you are going to face soon. First, you will be asked to work closely with others. It will

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