Target Corp Strategic Management Process

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Introduction There are a gazillion companies out there, but some stand out. Whether it is because of their popularity, affiliations, history, profile or service, one factor simply makes or breaks a company; it’s strategy management process. The author of this paper’s intention is to present and examine a multi-national corporation. Dissect the how’s and what’s about it, and simply discuss its processes. The author will be giving a brief background on the company to easily elaborate how it is that the company is successful compared to its past. Its products and services will be conversed and the company’s industry will be discussed as well as its competitors and its market. Basically everything that has to do with the company will be…show more content…
However, salary is hourly and is at the minimum wage. There are strict rules about clocking in and clocking out. A team member may not pass the 8 hour time, because once a team member makes overtime target is obliged over them. Violators of this rule are terminated. Target is a retail store which is well known in the United States. Their logo (target) is recognized by the 95% of the people surpassing the Nike swoosh and the Macintosh apple. Among super stores target is up there with the giant Wall mart, however, Target comes only second in the industry following Wall mart. Strategic Management Process Vision, Mission and Values Target’s mission is to be the preferred shopping destination for the guests by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and an exceptional guest experience and consistently fulfilling the Expect More. Pay Less. brand promise. Target’s vision is composed of team members providing exquisite service to the guests and giving back to the community and the environment, whilst promoting diversity internally and externally. Values are mostly under the category of teamwork and charity. The author of this paper recalls the motto for team members were “fast, fun and friendly” human resources would often check up on team members to know how they are doing. About once every two weeks, there are potlucks or snacks at the

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