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MG 6503: Management of Information Technology and Information Systems Spring 2013 Prof. Kevin Brabazon CA Technologies Case Study Prepared By Xi Lou Lun Li Yang Cao Yashen Wu Table of Contents Executive Summary Overview Problems & Alternatives Scenario Conclusion Appendix I: SWOT Analysis Appendix II: Porter’s Five Forces Executive Summary Technology changes will significantly reshape IT companies like CA Technologies. CA has kept its mainframe and clients’ server business in the past 30 years. The company provides the latest mainframe innovations. But CA has to face a new challenge whether it continuous to keep major business in mainframe or make a thorough transformation from mainframe to cloud computing. …show more content…

Nevertheless, they do not have enough capability to get into the cloud computing market because cloud computing was based on nearly all of the concepts that were different from the mainframe environment, so this will be a challenge for the CA Technologies to get involved in the market. That is to say, the company needs talents to build up related technique and marketing experience inside the company. Also, the company needs to consider whether they have already had the enough capability to do the cloud computing by themselves. Alternative 1a. Acquisition Large corporations don’t easily innovate, so CA Technologies can choose some small companies or even integrate some startups, such as some cloud computing platform software companies, some cloud-based authentication software companies and cloud infrastructure consulting company etc. By using acquisition strategy, CA can acquire more experienced workers and gain more related resources from those small cloud computing companies. This implementation would make CA Technology get into the cloud computing market more easily. Also, Acquisition is a more efficient way that won’t take CA Technologies too much time. 2b. Self-develop research team CA technologies has already acquired several small cloud computing firms since the company changed its target from the mainframe market to the cloud computing market. Perhaps, the company can decide build its own research and developing team based on their previous acquisition

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