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In “A History of the English Church and People” by Bede, I think Caedmon has a great imagination and is a religious person. God created the heavens and the earth in six days. That’s crazy if you think about how vast the earth is and how many things it has on it. God just thought about us and there we were. That’s only a little bit of the ability God has. God chose Caedmon to create songs for him but he also helped him and spoke through Caedmon. I think it’s awesome how God being so powerful chooses an individual, that might not be willing to help, to do a job for him. He does not need our help, yet he decides to give us a chance.

In the story it states the Caedmon is skillfully gifted by God’s grace. I see that as God choosing him because you can not just practice being gifted by his grace he has to give it to you while at the same time you have to accept it. It also says that others tried to make good songs for the Lord but no one’s lyrics were as beautiful as Caedmon’s. I do not think that he has that great of a better imagination than everyone else but I do think that God kind of speaks through him and helps him come up with the lyrics. Caedmon has a dream where God speaks to him and tells him to sing to him so Caedmon later goes to the monastery
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Throughout the story Caedmon is making lyrics for songs and people try to as well but their lyrics are not as good as his. God comes to Caedmon in a dream and has Caedmon sing to him a song. Caedmon has never sang before but God tells him to sing and he does. This is a good example as to why I think God has chosen Caedmon to create songs for him. He is an important part of history because without him, we may not have some of the songs we have today. Caedmon states, “He first created heaven as a roof for men’s sons” to tell everyone that God has made a place for the men that follow him when they
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