California Prison System: Significant Budgetary Change and the Results of Those Changes

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In addition this work will identify economic, social and cultural influences on that change and identify the interaction among the federal, state, and municipal levels with regard to the program. This work will examine the limits of the agency budget office and how they may try to compensate for those limits. This work will examine strategies that agencies and politicians might use to justify the increase or decrease of the budget for the California prison system and will finally calculate present costs and project future costs and list various cost control applications.
UC Berkeley Institute of Government Studies reports that the California Prison system "is the third largest penal system in the country, costing $5.7 billion dollars a year and housing over 161,000 inmates." (2012, p.1) The number of prisons in the State of California is reported to have "tripled…since 1980." (UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, 2012, p.1) Reported are controversies relating to expansion of the prison system, climbing costs, and poor management in addition to abuse of inmates. (UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, 2012, paraphrased)

I. Political Influences on the California…
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