Call Of Cthulhu Research Paper

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The ocean always contains the strange mystery that man never understands thoroughly. In 1997, a series of underwater recording devices of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) unexpectedly recorded an abnormal sound in the Pacific Ocean.
The mysterious sound in the ocean: monsters or aliens?
Its nicknamed was the "bloop", the sound lasted for about a minute with an ultra-low frequency but the volume is so loud that a frequency control which is at a distance of 5000 kms can receiver.
That time, "The bloop" recorded numerous times throughout the summer in the area near the Equator belonging to the Pacific Ocean. Audio sequence often lasted for about a minute and was collected on many sound sensors simultaneously.
Through the analysis, expert Christopher Fox of audio
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So many people associated the owner of "The bloop" was monster Cthulhu in the works of the famous writer H.P.Lovecraft. It's a giant monster with tentacles emanating mysterious cries
There was such an association because the region recording "The bloop" was very close to the location described R'lyeh - the sunken city on the ocean floor and the place where monster Cthulhu was imprisoned which was written by writer HP Lovecraft in the famous short story "the Call of Cthulhu".
Some UFO researchers argued that Maybe on the ocean floor which remained the bases of the aliens and the sound emitted due to their activities. Even with the time of "The bloop" was associated with the legendary lake Lochness monster. These hypothesis have become a hot topic in a long time for the entertainment and cinema corps.
When the mystery was gradually revealed
The hypothesis of sea monsters or aliens attracted scientists constantly to learn and study with the desire to solve the mystery "The bloop". And it seemed that after all the effort, the truth about the mysterious sounds at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean was brought to
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