Call Of The Wild Character Analysis

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The Call of the Wild is a book written by Jack London about Buck. Buck is a St. Bernard who fights his wild side to live by the law of club and fang to survive and stay out of trouble. Throughout his journey, he battles the call to be free. He has owner problems, but eventually finds an owner who cares for him as a family member. Buck, a domesticated dog, is transformed through his journey to live out his days as a free alpha male.
Buck’s struggles begin when he his taken away from his loving home and sold to become a sled dog for the Klondike gold rush. After being in a cage for two days, he gets out and attacks the man in the red sweater who then clubs him. Buck was never hit before and is confused, so he attacks the man in the red sweater relentlessly. The man teaches Buck and other dogs to respect people with clubs. While Buck was with the man in the red sweater, he meets Curly, a friendly Newfoundland. The man in the red sweater sells Curly, Buck, and other dogs to two French-Canadians, François and Perrault. François and Perrault sail with the dogs to the Klondike.
When the boat stops, Buck’s first steps off the boat are shocking because the cold snow burns his paws. After the first night of mushing, Buck is exhausted from work and witnesses a terrorizing event happening to his friend. Wolf-like creatures rip off Curly’s face eye to jaw. Curly rushes to her attackers but they strike her again and she never gets off her feet. That night teaches Buck the law of fang; he

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