Call Of The Wild Character Analysis

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In The Call of the Wild, Buck is constantly making life-altering decisions; and he is especially torn while deciding between the love of a man and answering the call. Buck’s feelings in Jack London’s novel, The Call of the Wild are crucial to the reader's understanding of Buck and his hardships. Although, Buck knows that answering the call is what he is destined to do, he decides against it because of the love he has towards John Thornton. Buck decides to follow the call a couple of times, but his love for Thornton always compels him to come back. One of the forces Buck has to decide between is the love of a man. The first sign of love in the novel is at Judge Miller’s place. “king over all… things of Judge Miller’s place, humans …show more content…

“‘I’ll give you a thousand for him, sir… twelve hundred, sir.’... ‘no, sir. You can go to hell, sir. It’s the best I can do for you, sir.’” (66) Thornton’s act demonstrated devotion, affection, and honesty. It was an act of love towards Buck. The opposing force is the call of the wild. The first sign of savagery was when Buck was broken. It was when he learned the law of club and fang. “And Buck was truly a red-eyed devil… hair bristling, mouth foaming, a mad glitter in his blood-shot eyes.” (15) Buck lost control. He was a mad dog. As the novel progressed, Buck began to have visions about a primitive man. “… he crouched there, blinking dreamily at the flames, it seemed that the flames were of another fire, and that as he crouched by this fire he saw another and different man from the half-breed cook before him.” (40) He longed to get in touch with his ancestry; and he longed to get in touch with his primitive side. Throughout the novel, the visions became more intense, indicating that Buck was changing. Thornton was killed by the Yeehats and it drove Buck over the edge. “John Thornton was dead. The last tie was broken. Man and the claims of man no longer bound him.” (76) After Thornton’s death, Buck became a menace. He was vengeful and retaliated. He attacked and killed several of the Yeehats. He had no reason to stay at the camp. He was free. This led to him following the call and joining the wolf pack. “And now the call came to Buck in unmistakable accents.

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