Call Of The Wild Theme Essay

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A major theme in Jack London’s classic book The Call of The Wild is that life is kill or be killed. At the beginning, Buck has to hold his own because if he shows that he is weak he will die. Buck is learning about the “Law of Fang”. For example, Buck witnesses Curly’s death because of this law. Buck learns not to get into fights so he is not killed by the smarter dogs. Second, Buck wants to fight other dogs so he is not killed. For instance, Buck has to protect himself from Dolly, who has gone mad from rabies. Since Buck does not want to be killed and eventually work his way to lead dog, he runs away from Dolly. Last, Buck is being harassed by Spitz to see who will be “alpha” dog. For example, Buck is tempted by Spitz to fight but …show more content…

First, Buck has to fight off one hundred huskies. For example, Buck tries to escape the camp with Spitz. Since, he doesn’t want to be killed by the starving dogs. Second, Buck and the other dogs know Dave has been put down. For instance, the dogs know he has been killed and they are scared. Since, they are all sad, but they are glad it was not them being put down. Last, Buck and the team eat too much and might not be able to stand the cold weather. For example, the dogs could die in the cold. Since, the food makes them full and unable to get up and move around. In conclusion, Buck furthers his knowledge of kill or be killed.

At the end, Buck is not killed and he lives a happy life. First, Buck kills a black bear and two wolverines. For example, Buck kills those animals without being afraid of them. Since, all of the other animals back off. Second, Buck kills a moose. For instance, moose are very hard to kill. Since, Buck has proven himself by killing it. Last, Buck becomes part of a wolf pack. For example, Buck kills two wolves and becomes a leader. Since, Buck becomes the Ghost dog. In conclusion, Buck is fully aware of kill or be

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