Calvin's Problem as an African American

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From the moment I heard of Calvin’s problems in his history class, I needed to make sure that I could completely understand the context of the problems he is experiencing in class. Calvin and I have had prior positive interactions, and I want to make sure that I am not making assumptions about him and his experiences. However, based upon other teacher’s and experiences with Calvin, this seems to be the only class that he is not performing well in. This tells me that there is a deeper problem occurring between the teacher and Calvin. Successful African American students, like Calvin, do not receive much attention in school systems and research. The underachievement and low- level course enrollment of African American males is well documented and seems to be a construct in the educational system. Behaviors from students tend to be a tool of coping that clashes with the Euro-American worldview of culturally acceptable behavior. When it comes to Calvin’s history teacher, I believe that she has her own preconceived notions and stereotypes about African Americans that seem to have affected her understanding of the Calvin’s classroom experience. When thinking about the comment the teacher made about the Calvin’s automatic reaction to be “negative and angry”, explains the teacher’s thoughts about African Americans having difficulty controlling their anger. According to Sue and Sue (2013), White Americans continue to cling to the images of dangerous, violence-prone, and antisocial

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