The Discussion Of Pre Teacher Training Essay

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In discussion of pre-teacher training the second critical issue has been the absence of professional development geared towards teaching African American male students. On the other hand, researchers Closson, Bowna and Merriweather contend there is no Black pedagogy to teach African American students. The investigation of pedagogy is explored by all three authors, presenting the fact there is not a Black pedagogy to teach Black students. Closson, Bowman, and Merrimweather collaborate in their study attesting Black faculty struggle to develop pedagogy for teaching. All three authors articulate very strongly teaching children about race, exposes risk revealing their genuine self, as well as position. This literature points out, “Black professors are often not given respect,” they must present themselves accordingly “to expectations often unrealistic,” artificial “of the student” (Closson, Bowman, and Merrimweather 85). This study claims the plight of the mixture of literature combined in a class setting is a touchy subject, the instructors “face consequences, such as racial battle fatigue,” centered upon the experiences of race, yet it is highly based on “White students report experiencing cognitive dissonance where students interpret the course material as threatening, experiencing feelings of shame and may consequently engage in resistance” (Closson, Bowman, and Merrimweather 83). Closson, Bowman, and Merrimweather validate the claim of not having pedagogy for Black
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