Campaign for Life is Against Abortion Essay

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As president of Campaign Life Coalition which is the national pro-life organization that is working at all levels of government to secure full legal protection for all human beings from the point of conception, I must defend the sanctity of human life against the numerous threats posed by abortion. Campaign Life Coalition never compromises on basic principles, and encourages incremental policies that would increase respect and protection for human life. For this reason it is necessary that I take action in attempting to bring back Bill C-43 in an attempt to illegalize abortion. Under Bill C-43, a person inducing an abortion would be guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, unless it was …show more content…

They also argue that the decision to continue a pregnancy should not be imposed on the woman. People who are “Pro-Choice” which signifies that they support the idea of abortion; do not believe that a fetus can be considered alive until it is fully capable to sustain its own life. A man can leave a relationship the moment he finds out about a pregnancy and Pro-Choice believes that it is only just that the woman has the same choice and if she does not wish to take responsibility of a child, she should have the choice of abortion.

Abortion should be illegal because a choice such as this is immoral. I believe abortion to be considered immoral because life begins at conception, and choosing to abort a child is the same as murder. Most abortions are performed within the first six months of pregnancy . Mothers should be aware that at just 18 days "the fetal heart is already pumping blood through a closed circulatory system. At 40 days the fetal brain begins to function . During the eighth week all his body systems are present and by the eleventh all systems are fully functional." ( ) Any person who believes that the fetus is simply a mass of flesh, is extremely wrong. In fact , the body of an unborn baby is even more complex than ours due to additional parts they have such as the placenta and amniotic sac . All working systems in the body of the fetus are formed in the cell of origin, not the mother .

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