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It was a great summer year in 2011, I had my first summer job as a cook at a summer camp. I had a blast every day, interacting with the kids and playing with them. Every day during my brakes I would go to the water front because the camp had a blob. The kids would get so excited when I came because since I am a big guy I would make them fly in the air with the blob. The camper would jump on to the blob and crawl to the end and sit facing the water. I would then run towards the blob from a tall dock and jump on it, landing on a sitting position making the kid on the other end be launch in to the air and landing on the water. In order for this to go well I needed to have my glasses on because without them I couldn't land the landing right …show more content…

I kept on running towards the water. Before I got into the water, I jump off the shore, landing like a cannon ball in the water and splashing everybody that was near me.
We were all having a blast, pushing people of the dock and jumping off the dock into the lake while holding hands and doing crazy flips. We then decided to play a game where all the guys got a girl as their partner and had them sit on their shoulders and began to knock down the other teams. Despite of all the movement I was doing in the water and getting hit to get knock down, my glass were still secure on my head.
To finish the night swim, the blob station was open. About half the staff rushed out the water and started to climb up the ramp to get to the dock were the blob sate below. It was really dark that the lights of the bus were not helping us to see the blob as we tried to land on it. Even do we couldn't see the blob well we were still having a great time, laughing at the staff that were landing wrong and falling off the blob. Until my turn came again, this time it was my bosses turn to get blob by me. As my boss jump on to the blob we were laughing at him because he was so close to fall off. He finally crawled his way to the end and sat down facing the lack, waiting for me to blob him. I stared to run from the beginning of the dock counting down from ten and when I got to three I jump off the dock screaming ahhh. When I landed, I did a 360 degree role off the blob making my glass fall right of

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