Descriptive Essay On A Trip To The Desert

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We were in the middle of the desert, basically having no sense of direction whatsoever. Riding down the coastline of a twenty-mile island off the coast of Venezuela. Not knowing where to go was an issue but my brother, Ben, and I were on the ATV zooming through the desert seeing various attractions throughout the trip. Watching animals run everywhere, experiencing the views of little beaches with huge waves it was like a dream come true.
One morning my dad and I woke up in our hotel room watching the glorious sunrise and were quietly walking down the hallway of the hotel to go to the lobby. In the lobby, there were these huge advertisement banners hanging up that said, "Take a roll through the desert." There were pictures of people riding ATV's in the desert so we decided to go on an adventure.
My mom, dad, brother, and I were all putting sunscreen on, head to toe like we showered in it while we were waiting for the cab to pick us up to go pick up the ATV's. Once the cab got to the hotel, we all had to stuff ourselves and our belongings in it because it was one of those mini cars that only had room for three people, but we were four people not including the driver. At the ATV Rental place, we got sized for helmets and the ATV. My brother and I were not old enough to drive the ATV so my brother and my father went together while my mother and I went together. Before you know it, we were out and about zooming through the streets of Aruba to get the California Lighthouse which

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