Can A College Education Cut the Risk of Living in Poverty? Essay

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Can a college education cut the risk of living in poverty? Poverty has tremendously increased because The United States recently entered a recession in December 2007. The loss of jobs, health benefits and higher cost of living affected the nation and citizens struggling to avoid poverty. In such a competitive environment, a college education increases self-value and opportunity. America’s current depression tremendously affected the nation with the rise in poverty, unemployment, and loss of health care. Reducing the risk of becoming victims to poverty is the plan and an education serves as a positive resource for taking action. Pursuing an education is time-consuming, but it stabilizes his or her foundation. Certainly, everyone …show more content…

Countless reasons make an education powerful during America’s current depression, including: • Affording the higher cost of living • Expand personal and professional networking skills • Personalize and adds value to an individual by standing out • Creates and expand opportunities for avoiding a crisis. • Higher salary and attract employers • Acquiring respect of employer Poverty refers to poor conditions, lack of means of providing when necessary, and unproductive. Multiple poor conditions vary from many amounts of: • Natural disasters caused by Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Floods, Wild fires, Earthquakes, etc. • Warfare caused by human destruction to an infrastructure. • A lack of education and requirements is necessary to acquire goals. • Crime caused by robberies, drugs, homicides, rape, etc. Understandably, an education does not end poverty, but cuts it, some people question why? Not everything linked to poverty is preventable when some natural disasters are unstoppable, such as the cause of Hurricane Katrina that struck many cities in Louisiana the year of 2005. The ability to cut crime is possible, but people will always attempt to corrupt society and innocent citizens who work hard to make their living. Crime exists nationwide in seek of fast money and supporting families, but nothing worth acquiring exist in a speedy way. Everyone agrees achieving goals is time-consuming; “however, living the

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