Can I Help You?

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"Can I help you?" she asked cheerfully as she rounded the corner into the long, wide corridor. She came to a complete standstill when she saw the bedraggled man sprawled across her grand-mother 's chaise lounge. He was draped in a languid pose across the antique with one leg actually thrown across the silk seat cushion! Which wouldn 't have been so alarming if the man wasn 't also rain-drenched and muddy. With his back towards her his reposed slouch against the back of the couch morphed into a stiff and awkward slow turn as he shifted his entire torso to actually see her. When he finally turned around Ava was struck by a pair of brilliant blue eyes, deep set in a chiselled face that was just as dishevelled and unkempt as the rest of the …show more content…

or just him in general. He cleared his throat and tried again, somewhat more cordially. "Could I have a room, for tonight... please?" "I 'm sorry, we 're fully booked," Ava replied rather brusquely. Thankfully the B&B was currently full, it really wasn 't a lie, and she wouldn 't have to give the vagrant a room – not that she thought she would anyways. However despite being fully booked she was, none the less, there all alone for the time being – just how long could it take him to kill her, if that 's what he intended to do? She fidgeted nervously, taking a step back just in case she had to make a run for it. She hoped he would make a speedy exit so she could breathe easy once again... and check on the bread rolls she already had in the oven. "Oh," he sighed, looking completely deflated. He winced and looked like he was about to swear at her, but instead he just nodded, like he 'd expected as much – not strange given his appearance. "Of course." His gaze took in the empty lounge room opposite and, more than likely, the decided lack of noise coming from anyone else who could be in the house and she figured he must be wondering just who had occupied all her rooms. Or worse, he had realised that they were actually alone and he could probably do as he pleased with her! "Look, I have some stuff in the oven... my guests will be back any minute now," Ava, emphasized, although it wasn 't exactly true, but hopefully he 'd buy it, "and they 'll be hungry, so I have

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