Can Single Parents Raise Successful Children?

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Can Single Parents Raise Successful Children?
Lavern Francis
COM 220
Instructor James York
August 17, 2008

Are children who grow-up in a single parent household more likely to struggle in school, get into trouble with the law, and develop serious social problems such as low self-esteem and unhealthy relationships in the future? The myth is that a single parent cannot raise a successful child. That child who grows up in a single parent household is more likely to struggle in school, get into trouble with the law and develop serious social problems. Many negative predictions for children raised by a single parent have more to do with economic hardship than the lack of one parent. Single parents have raised many well-rounded, …show more content…

Their experiences can give them respect for marriage and relationships. They may plan to delay marriage and to select a mate very carefully. They may also realize that they should prepare themselves to be capable of supporting a one-parent family both emotionally and financially for they know this is a real possibility. Children who grow up in single parent homes learn to assume responsibility. Children of one-parent families, out of necessity, must assume more responsibility at home. They quickly learn to appreciate the things that parents work hard to provide.
Children in one-parent homes have realistic and cautious views of marriage and family life. Children and parents in singe parent homes develop self-reliance. Because the children have only one resident parent and that parent is probably employed, they will often be at home alone. As long as safety concerns have been addressed, children can learn to enjoy being on their own and can take care of their own needs (World News Connection, 2008). Being able to be content alone as well as with other people is a value adjustment. Self-concepts are strengthened. Initially, many single parents and their children experience a severe drop in their economic and social standings as well as in self-concepts. Most experience guilt feelings and a sense of hopelessness. However, overcoming their negative concept is, in itself, a proof of inner strength. Much of the earlier help is from forces outside

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