Can The Prince Always Satisfy The People And Strive To Keep Them Satisfied And Contented

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The prince should always satisfy the people and strive to keep them "satisfied and contented" (Machiavelli 91). He explains that you should listen to the people because they are who will keep you in power during times of war and they will protect you as long as you give them what they need and what they want. He does say that there are exceptions where you should listen to your soldiers instead of your people. You should listen to the soldiers when they have more power than the people and can give you safety and keep you in power.
Machiavelli explains that it is better for a prince to be feared because it is the safer option of the two. Someone is less likely to betray someone they fear than someone they love. You can't always trust someone to be loyal just because they love you but you won't need to worry as much if someone fears you. Love can die but people will always fear you and if you can make people fear you then you won't need to watch your back as much. While his reasoning does make sense I don't think it is better to be loved than feared because then who do you have to turn to in times of trouble? If you are feared you will always have people follow you but you will never someone to turn to for advice when you really need it. He explains that the main …show more content…

You must learn from the past in order to decide what “should be done”. Machiavelli believes man to be selfish and disloyal by nature but they are also ignorant and will refuse to look at their past mistakes in order to look bigger and better. He doesn’t think of humans as naturally good but believes that they can progress and become better people. Based on this he can say that a prince should learn from his past mistakes and look at how others have ruled and either follow what they did do the opposite. A prince should never be too arrogant or conceited but conceited but confident and

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