Can We Trust Our Own Religious and Humanistic View of the World?

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Talking Humanities Can we trust our own religious and humanistic view of the world? Over the centuries, religious views have been continually changing. This is because society has evolved to the point that logic and other insights will refute existing beliefs. While at the same time, they will introduce new ideas that will change the way religious dogma is interpreted. When this happens, there is a fundamental transformation in how everyone looks at deities and their role in the world. A good example of this can be seen with the Roman Empire. Early on, the most predominant religion that was practiced was paganism. As Rome expanded, is when the ideas of traditional faiths were questioned by other religions such as Judaism. However, over the course of time Christianity began to directly question the authority and power of the state. This meant that it challenged the legitimacy of state theology and the clout of the government. Once this occurred, is when many of these individuals refused to participate in Roman public holidays and religious festivals. (Clark, 2004) At first, there were persecutions and violence directed at Christians. However, they were undeterred and slowly began to force Roman society to reexamine itself. This is the point that paganism was abandoned by the state and Christianity became widely accepted. In the next several hundred years, this model became the basic foundation that was used by the Catholic Church to spread Christianity throughout

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