Essay about Can a Job Really Change Your Life?

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Imagine yourself as a teenager, how it would feel to have your first job? For a teenager like me having a job means that you have marked your transition from childhood to adulthood. It also means that you are independent and do not have to rely entirely on your family for money. During the summer I made several hundred dollars a week by working. Getting my paycheck every two weeks felt so rewarding because I was making money on my own.
Towards the end of my freshman year, I received an email from the Newark Museum; I had been accepted into the paid-internship Science Program. During the interview for this position the supervisor was astonished by my academic achievements, the awards I’ve won during my Girl’s Varsity Basketball season, and the volunteer service I’ve done in several places including in a Food Bank and Student-In-Community service in Saint Vincent Academy. She knew I would be an excellent candidate for the program, would be able to balance my schoolwork along with being on basketball and arriving to work, and would have a lot to give in the workplace and the community. The fact that I had my first job at age 15 meant that I was no longer a kid and I was making progress towards success.
I started working at the Newark Museum during my sophomore year. I’ve been on several field trips and college tours, met a lot of people, and made new friends. There were many wonderful opportunities offered during this paid-internship Science Program which I’ve taken…