Canada, Melting-Pot of the Twenty First Century Essay

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Canada, Melting-Pot of the Twenty First Century

Every country in the world has its own cultural uniqueness. What makes Canada even more unique than other countries is the fact that it is a melting-pot of many other cultures. What happened when all these cultures came together and started having contact with each other is that each culture proved itself exclusive but somewhat compatible with the other cultures. That may have caused people of different ethnic groups not to bond in such successful ways; nevertheless there still exists a strong attachment between an individual and their roots. That fusion and unity of the different cultures in this country makes its economy unique.

To begin with, the cultural friction between Canada …show more content…

Those numbers were pretty high percentages, however considering the fact that Canada is one of the leading countries in the information age, these results are not at all surprising. One other fact that defines the exceptional Canadian economy is the official languages of the country. Canada is a bilingual country and

About 20 percent of Canadians trace their ancestry to other European countries; the most prominent of these are Germany, Italy, Ukraine, and the Netherlands. Another 8 to 10 percent are of Asian origin, particularly from Hong Kong, India, China, and Taiwan. The remainder of the population is of various ethnic origins, such as American, Latin American, and African. (Microsoft® Encarta® Reference Library 2002.)

The beauty of the Canadian television and radio content is that there are so many multicultural channels available to people. Examples of these channels would be OMNI1, OMNI2, TLN, ART, BET, and many others (Rogers Cable). Acceptance of some content from the US does not necessarily mean that Canadians would accept just any media content from anywhere. There tends to be a trend for local acceptance of content. For instance, a “Cindy Crawford” on the front cover of a magazine is not going to help the advertising for that magazine in Asia. Same rule works for media content in Canada, if the content is not similar to the individuals’ cultural background, that person is not going

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