Canada 's Criminal Justice System Essay

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Youth Court Observation Assignment Canada’s Criminal Justice system offers youth justice courts which have exclusive jurisdiction over cases involving young persons. They are specialized so that they only handle cases involving young persons. Youth cases are also held in their own courtrooms in local courthouses. These youth courts are open to the public like all Canadian courts, but due to the Youth Criminal Justice Act, youth still have privacy rights the identifies of youth cannot be publicized, unlike in adult court.
A principle of common law, is that courts are open for public observation (Government of Canada, 2015, para. 1). Because of this principle, people are able to watch the majority of the cases at the Canadian courts, wether they be in youth court, traffic court, criminal court, etc.. There is a lot to learn in a classroom, but there are some things you can only learn from real life experiences, such as observing court in action.
The atmosphere of the courtroom was constantly changing, but was generally more calm and relaxed than the atmosphere of adult court. The room was free from excessive decor and was organized and clean cut. The environment was generally friendly, pleasant, polite and professional. When the judge appeared in court the atmosphere tensed and it was clear someone of a higher authority was present because everyone was very respectful.
People were constantly coming and going from the youth

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