Canada 's Health Care System

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Whether a country has a well-established social welfare and a complete health care system is an important symbol to illustrate its peace and well development. Canada 's health care system is considered as one of the best health care systems in the world. This system based on the people- oriented medical insurance concept. The starting point is to cure the sickness and to save the patient, regardless of their economic capacity. Also the Medical insurance has a lifetime effect and is completely transferred with person’s place of residence.

Because Canada carried out the health insurance policy, Canadians can automatically become a policy-holder no matter how their economic condition is. Those treatment fees which were used on health …show more content…

For example, if people have a good economic ability, they can choose to live in a single ward rather than live with other people. The original intention of establishing a public health care system is to help those people who can not afford to pay for the high health expense. The expanding of private health care is for those people who have certain economic ability can have more health care choices.

The spokesperson for the B.C. Ministry of Health said a sentence about private health care that, “Contracting out simple day surgeries frees up capacity in our public hospitals to do the more complex surgeries.” With the progress of time and the boom of population, the public health care in B.C. province can not meet the needs for all citizens in British Columbia. According to the website of B.C. government, “There are more than 500,000 surgeries performed in British Columbia each year. More than half of these are emergency or unscheduled procedures and never appear on a waitlist.”

“Actually, there are about one percent of surgeries were done in the private clinics,” said by Lake. In December 2006, B.C got their first private clinic. There are 254 private clinics in B.C. province right now. Although there were some controversies took place in court. But cities such as Victoria still allocate more money to private clinics for reducing the wait time of surgeries. The quantity of people who seek a cure in hospital is too

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