Difference Between Public And Public Health Care

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Health care is often seen as an important topic in political terms, more specifically people are concerned about public vs. private health care. Public health care is often associated with welfare state liberalism, this is because public health care is generally provided through the government and national healthcare systems. The welfare state system is one that focuses on the physical and economic well-being of it’s citizens. In contrast to this, the private health care system is associated with neo-conservatism. This is because neo-conservatism has principles which include wanting to keep their funds within the country and not altered by outside influences, as well, they tend to distrust international organizations such as the United Nations. Throughout the paper there will be evidence and examples to explain each system and how they are related to either the welfare state or neo-conservatism. The citizens of each country, these being Canada and the United States, both have their own ideas of which system would be favourable. Canada’s health care system is public, this means that Canada is associated with welfare state liberalism. For example, Ontario has their own insurance plan called Ontario Health Insurance Plan, which is otherwise known as OHIP. OHIP does not allow for charging or selling private insurance to cover medically necessary services that are covered by OHIP. The National Health Institute has been influenced by the constitution in the way which they

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