Canadian Culture

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To understand if the U.S. – Canadian magazine dispute was motivated by genuine desire to protect Canadian culture, I feel like you have to understand the Canadian people and their way of life. I do believe that his was more of a culture protection move than an economical move. The Canadians in my opinion do not want a United States of America state but they want to be country that has their own morals and views. I feel that this move tried to protect the way of thinking and that those magazines only opened the door for Canadians to becoming more Americanized. However, that being said, some part of it was because of the financial structure, and probably pressure placed by competitive Canadian magazines that had to deal with profit loss due to the American magazines entering the country.…show more content…
Now how they tried to sell it to the public and the lawmakers was probably the culture aspect on what the American magazines are doing to the Canadian culture. And from what I see here in the United States and the grueling TV series such as Cops or the misguiding reality TV shows such as the Kardashians, is a prefect tool to use to argue on what Americanization is bringing to the table and why abiding citizens of Canada shouldn’t view it. Thinking about it more depth, just one show of the Kardashians should be enough to stop any culture from banning reality TV shows from the United
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