Canadian Political Party

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In my opinion the best political party in Canada is the Liberal Party of Canada. In the present and historically the Liberal Party has done a good job in running our country. In the research I have done in the past and this past week, I have learned a lot about the values of each party and when comparing all of them, the Liberal party is looking to improve upon assets that will affect my life in a positive way. The liberals have a rich history, many important prime ministers, such as Sir Wilfred Laurier, Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chrétien, were candidates running with the Liberal party. Historically, Liberal prime ministers have made important changes in the Canadian government. Pierre Elliot Trudeau is looked upon as one of the “Founding Fathers” …show more content…

When doing the Canadian Political Parties Worksheet, I saw that the Liberals had some very good points. While the Progressive Conservative Party wanted to decrease spending on health care and make it the provincial government’s responsibility, while the Liberals want to make it more accessible for people. They also want to make vaccinations mandatory for preventable diseases. The Liberals want to put a cap on university tuition and have post secondary education in their control while the Preservative Conservatives think it should be tied to inflation. The Liberals want to make the use of drones accessible by permits to speed up processes while other parties such as the NDP and Green party say no. The liberals want to bring a new, faster idea by agreeing with the Keystone Pipeline project which will be a trade asset and help bring a stronger bond with our neighbor, USA. The Liberals have also made equality an important factor. They were the party in power that allowed same-sex marriage. The Liberal government has allowed Syrian refugees into the country to get away from the wars, happening in their

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