Cancer Made Me A Shallower Person Essay

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Shallow is Better Cancer. How interesting that a six-letter word can strike fear in deepest part of a person’s heart, alter an entire life plan, and bring a sense of uncertainty and hopelessness in a matter of minutes. Today, cancer is a word that is used often, as it affects almost every life in some way. Although the diagnosis is a common one, the process that each person takes to cope with cancer is anything but common. The graphic novel Cancer Made Me A Shallower Person: A Memoir in Comics written by Miriam Engelberg shows her journey with cancer from the time she is given her diagnosis. Engelberg is open about her struggles and fears in coming to grips with her diagnosis, but she is able to communicate in a way that shows humor can be found in even the most difficult situation. Although she is clear about the difficulty of being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of forty-three, she resists the temptation to fall into self-pity and hopelessness. Although the story focuses on the author trying to see the lighter moments in her battle, the illustrations seem to also show the fear, uncertainty, and depression that come with a cancer diagnosis. Throughout the novel, Elgelberg does a great job of showing the struggles of keeping a light-hearted attitude while coping with cancer, and the illustrations help capture both the seriousness and humor of the story. From the beginning, Engelberg shows the struggle between the life threatening nature of cancer and dealing with

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