Candide Reflection

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Candide, by Voltaire, is a story told through the adventure of Candide and the life lessons he learned. He learned that life isn’t always about happiness, love, and truthfulness he been through rough stuff that he wish he never wanted to but had to find his love for Cunegonde. The book told us in like an adventure story about Candide going to place that had been terrible places and getting into fights and killing them. The places he went weren’t so much into happiness and glad that he was told by Cacambo by his side that he learn that he was living in a terrible world he felt when he went into theses adventures but he learn lesson of being a good gentle then a terrible man he was now. Candide been through city and state to find people who had and run/escape from people who are trying to hurt him as he was trying to find his love he lost Cunegonde. Lisbon, Capital of Kingdom was the first place he went to get wipped and hurt from being captured as he saw his friend Pangloss had been head chop off but the guiltius after he was whipped a old lady save him and took care of him as he took him to see Cunegonde. There were a earthquake that happened during his time of after he found Cunegonde and stayed with her. He learned a lesson from this terrible attack on Lisbon after he found out as he saw dead people blood and limbs of people body part as he was scared nervous that the world isn't happy that “God is either not entirely good or not all powerful”. The next places was

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