Candide, a Novel by Voltaire

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Candide Essay Voltaire was a philosopher that many people would not forget. Candide lives in the castle of Baron Thunderten Tronckh in Westphalia. The circumstances that Candide was born was that he combined a true judgement with simplicity of spirit. Voltaire satirizes the optimism espoused by the philosophers of the Age of Enlightenment. This was a story of a young man’s adventure throughout the world and had seen many evil and disasters. Throughout his journey, he sticks to the teachings that Pangloss taught him, believing that, "All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.” Though Voltaire was no pessimist, he refused to believe that what happens is always for the best. Throughout Candide’s adventure, Candide was got tricked into joining the Bulgarian Army by these two uniformed men which they use two different techniques into tricking him. The first technique that the uniformed men was that they invited Candide out to dinner and the second technique that the uniformed men was that they were complimenting on his height and that he was the perfect man of the job. While Candide was in the Bulgarian Army, he got punished when he tried to go for a walk without permission because he thought that he could go for a walk, but then four soldiers captured him and he was court-martialed as a deserter. After he was captured, the Bulgarian King granted Candide’s freedom because he had already a little skin, and was able to march when the King of the Bulgarians gave

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