Cango Week 3 & 4 Video Analysis Essay

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March 23, 2012

CanGo is looking at becoming more productive within their specific demographic. Before doing so they have to make the appropriate actions to encourage the customers to follow through with their orders and expanding to different demographics. Aspire Business Consultants has become aware of six key issues with recommendations that will help provide a solid foundation for future endeavors. These issues cover a range of concerns that ABC strongly suggests will need to be addressed before moving forward.
Issue #1
It appears that CanGo ‘s luck is running on steam. The marketing group acts as if it were broadsided by Andrew’s statistic. Although 75% of
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Integrating this system should be put on hold until the online gaming project is already up. The IT personnel is already on a tight schedule and to have them stop now could be catastrophic for that venture.
Issue #4
The first issue has to do with Nick. Over the past four weeks, we all have noticed that Nick is disorganized, has a lackadaisical attitude and all around does not seem focused to execute the task assigned to him. From what I have been noticing, his position may even be work considering for elimination completely. The three other CanGo employees that work in the same are as him seem to always have the answers to questions that he is supposed to know the answers to.
In my proposal there are cost and benefits to consider. Since I do not know what Nick’s pay is, I will go with $50,000 a year. If his position is “obsolete” the company can see the immediate savings of Nick’s pay. They will also see additional savings such as benefit, social security pay out reductions. However, if they do find that his position is not “obsolete” and it is in the best interest of the company to maintain the position, they have to consider a couple things.
First they need to realistically think about whether or not will Nick actually conform and meet their expectations. If he does not, then they have to consider the cost of finding a replacement. With the current state of unemployment, I would expect that finding a replacement could be accomplished

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