Cannabis For Neuropathic Pain In HIV : The Mediciana Injuana Case Study

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In exacting, Johnson (2009) a senenior medical chief of the Mid Wales Severn Hospice and at Shropshirenotes that the primary study of change as of the baseline in the mean pain numerical rating scale (NRS) was found to be statistically momentous in the favor of THC: CBD when compared with the placebo. consequently, the study exposed that the CBD: THC extracts have been effective for the release of pain in patients that were suffering from the advanced cancer pain that could not be adequately relieved by strong Opioids (Duran, 2010) In addition, a study conducted by (Wade et. al, 2003) whose objective was to determine whether the plant derived Cannabis medicinal extracts (CME) could be useful in alleviating neurogenic symptoms that were …show more content…

In this case, Haney concludes that Cannabis and dronabinol dose increased the daily intakes of calories and body weight in patients suffering from HIV. Additionally, the effects of dronabinol and marijuana were comparable but Cannabis improved the ratings of the sleep by 3.9%. In this regard, the data concludes that both Dronabinol and cannabis we well tolerated by an increase in the amount of food intake. Moreover, the study also found that smoked Marijuana effectively relieved the chronic neuropathic pain from the HIV-associated sensory neuropathy. Therefore, Haney argues that the drug can be used effectively to reduce pain and increase the amount of food that the patients take per day.Marijuana does not only lead to health benefits, but also to various economic benefits as scholars elaborates. The following section reviews some of the economic benefits.While the health specialists evaluate the health impacts of marijuana, financial experts have also been keen on assessing the possible economic impacts of legalizing cannabis.
On the comparison of marijuana with alcohol, the researcher proposes that the health risks are relatively similar. Although marijuana is known to have dire effects than alcohol, both drugs expose an individual to health hazard when consumed uncontrollably. Additionally, marijuana has more mental effects than alcohol owing to its THC active ingredient. They are both addictive which makes it hard for many people to regulate the

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