Cannibalism Is Not Illegal ( Eveleth )

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The Other, Other, White Meat
“We had to eat these dead bodies, and that was it ”, this is what Andes plane crash survivor, Roberto Canessa, had to say on his experience with cannibalism. Cannibalism is the consumption of a member of the same species. Consuming human flesh is not against the law in the United States, therefore cannibalism is not illegal (Eveleth). In the eyes of the law, murdering someone to eat is wrong, but the act of eating a human is not. To Americans the simple thought of eating another human is sickening. To most that is true, but to others consuming human flesh is a way of life. Some cultures practice cannibalism for their own spiritual beliefs and others have to eat human flesh to survive. Human flesh has proteins most want when eating meat. The act of eating human meat has gotten a bad reputation over the years, looking back in history, people thousands of years ago have different views. Cannibalism is a way to survive, with the proteins necessary to do so, and a way for cultures to express their beliefs. Cannibalism is a taboo topic most people do not know enough about. People eat people for a variety of reasons, the most well-known being killers getting a thrill from eating their victims. Although not everyone who is a cannibal gets a “high” from eating humans, Americans still see it as evil. Jeffrey Dahmer is the most well-known example of this, a man who gets a sexual desire from killing and eating his victims. Everyone across America knew of

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