Cape Town, South Africa Programs to End Exploitation and Abuse of Children

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Exploitation of Children
Anti-Child Labour
Youth Development
Counter Human Trafficking
They are a children’s rights organisation that is trying to end of all forms of exploitation and abuse of children. Their work involves counter human trafficking, anti-child labour and the development of the youth in South Africa. All three programs are dedicated to stop all forms or situations which result in the enslavement of children
Their Vision is to protected the rights of children and end exploitation in South Africa
Their Mission is to become and remain the best children’s Rights non-profit organization in our country by prevent the exploitation of children: 1.Anti-child Labour 2.Counter-human Trafficking 3.Youth Development in the Central Karoo
Child labour continues to exist in our country and around the world and yet people are still not talking about it and this it all the more difficult.
Not all work is harmful to children In fact, some work is considered beneficial for their development. But Child labour is defined as: work by children under 18 which are exploitative, hazardous or inappropriate for their age, destructive to their schooling, or their social, physical, mental, spiritual or normal development. Child labour deprives children of their childhood because they are being exploited and harmed and this creates the cycle of poverty within a family and the community.
There is a day once a year set aside to acknowledge the existence of child labour it is called

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