Capital Punishment Around the World: Does it Protect Us From Potential Criminals?

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This paper will examine the methods of capital punishment. It will evaluate the effective ways to deter crime and other means of reasonable punishment of the offenders.
The history of our world is filled with countless controversies that have sparked arguments amongst people. Debates ranging from human rights to abortion provoke disputes among many countries. The most contested opposition between people is unquestionably capital punishment. Capital punishment was widely applied in ancient times throughout the world. We have been using the principle of capital punishment since almost 18th Century BC, possibly even before that. While some people argue that it is immoral and against human rights, others see it as a perfect opportunity to
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The 7th Century Draconian Code of Athens and the 5th Century Roman Law of the Twelve Tables gave specific instructions on how to penalize an offender. Although it was considered a severe punishment at that time, the practice of capital punishment quickly caught on and spread to the rest of the world. (; Following Babylon’s first attempts to establish capital punishment, several other countries began to adopt these measures. Some major countries that implemented these practices into their society include but are not limited to China, Egypt, Japan, Syria, and the USA. To them, it seemed to be an effective way to discipline and deter future criminals. Other countries, however, such as France, Portugal, and Australia, accepted these policies but soon were against it, claiming it was unethical and wrong. The entire world was soon at ends about the issue, and many were not sure what to believe. One major issue played a great role in dividing the world-some countries used extreme and harsher methods to correct behavior. The way an execution was portrayed often affected whether or not someone would be pro or con capital punishment. (;

Methods of Capital Punishment There are a myriad of procedures
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