Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished

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Natalie Eisenmenger
Ms. Haesemeyer
Advanced Studies English 9
7 April 2017
Capital Punishment Over the centuries, capital punishment has fallen in and out of public support. In several countries, the practice has been overruled by law. In others, it is simply not exercised. More than half of U.S. states still practice capital punishment for capital crimes. Often, innocent people are sentenced to death because of circumstantial evidence. Capital punishment should be abolished in all fifty U.S. states because of the several alternatives to the death penalty and it accounts for numerous wrongful convictions each year. Capital punishment is a growing dispute among many Americans, as the citizens find ways to argue both sides of the …show more content…

Because of this, an entire program has been dedicated to death row survivors who were wrongfully sentenced called Witness to Innocence (Evans). Without solid evidence, many cases are based solely on testimonies from eyewitnesses and essentially theories of how someone could be the culprit. Those convicted and sentenced to capital punishment are often done so because of the response of human nature to seek retribution in the form of strident punishment for persons who have committed cruel crimes (“Life”).
With cases being exonerated each year, many assume that it is okay for these innocent people, that they can plainly return to their old life. But most have lost countless years of their life along with their jobs, homes, money, friends, and family. Ray Krone was the 100th death row inmate in America to be freed after being wrongfully convicted of a capital offense. He was released after serving 10 years in prison, all the while being on death row, for a crime he had no involvement in (Evans). Blameless people, with lives, have everything taken from them, nearly costing them their lives, for a mistake their jury, judge, and prosecutors made against them. But those include only the lucky victims of this misunderstanding. There is a likely chance that many people were executed before being proven innocent.
Because of the possibility of taking an innocent life, many Americans would prefer to use different methods on

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