Capital Punishment Should Not Be Banned

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“An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind; or does it?” Capital punishment, or the death penalty as is more commonly known, should not be, but, is a contemporary problem in the United States. Most of the entire world today has abolished the death penalty. However, there are still many states within the U.S. that still exercise this form of punishment. The most preferred method of execution which is exercised by more than 35 states in the U.S. Is lethal injection. Many countries today like Mexico, Portugal, Liberia, turkey, and many more do not exercise the sentence of capital punishment. (Robinson, 1995). Also some U.S. states like New Mexico, Connecticut, Illinois, and New Jersey don’t exercise this form of capital punishment. (Robinson, 1995). If there are many countries all throughout the world and many states abolishing the use of capital punishment, why does the U.S. still exercise it? Some reasons that capital punishment still exists in the United States is because it deters people from committing the same crime, provides retribution for the families of their lost ones, and it is least expensive to kill someone than charge them with the sentence of life without parole.
Millions and millions of dollars are being spent every year when a person is sentenced with life without parole. In comparison to the death penalty, these cases are much more expensive over the years. Capital punishment cases normally take a great amount of time before they reach a final

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