Capital Punishment : The Death Penalty

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Alexis Binch
Ms. Stevens
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6th May 2016
Capital Punishment
Tom Robinson is a Black, unfairly tried, innocent character being tried for Capital Punishment for falsely accused of raping a white girl in the book “To Kill A Mockingbird.” (Lee, Harper.). This is clearly wrong. Governments should not concern itself with taking people 's lives. Capital punishment is a legally authorised killing for a crime. In the modern United States capital punishment is only used for punishing murder. The 1930’s was the decade in which had the highest rate of capital punishment in American history. In that decade only two states made capital punishment illegal. Capital punishment is unjust because of the eighth amendment which wherein is written, “[no] cruel and unusual punishments [is to be] inflicted.”, the possibility of being innocent, and the prejudice against minorities (U.S. Constitution.).
The death penalty is cruel due to the process of execution. Cruel is defined as causing pain or suffering (The Definition). “Cruel… punishments” are against the constitution (U.S. Constitution.). The most common ways of execution are lethal injection and electrocution. The ways of execution by lethal injection only strike as being humane to the public eye. On June 8th, 2000 Bert Leroy Hunter was executed by lethal injection and there were reports of “unusual reaction[s] to the lethal drugs, repeatedly coughing and gasping for air before he lapsed into unconsciousness.” (Radelet,…
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