Capitalist Theory Of Capitalism

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Capitalist structures were thought to be ‘double hermeneutic’ by Weber. A double hermeneutic is “a theory, expounded by sociologist Anthony Giddens, that everyday “lay” concepts and those from social sciences have a two-way relationship. A common example is the idea of social class; a social-scientific category that has perpetuated into wider use in society” (WIKIPEDIA, 2017). These people were a group of religious scholars, who believed that the truth that is included within the text, is wider than the words on the page. Through these religious scholars and their beliefs eventually led to the evolution from a religious society to a capitalist society. The capitalist society that we live in today, created a market system used from religious beliefs, presenting the payments for sins committed by an individual in the future and for not confessing the sins committed in the present. Modern capitalism still refers to Weber’s theory today, showing interest of how each individual has their own path chosen, depending on the amount of money they own, organising ourselves into different organisations as well as, the different societies we join within the hierarchy. Through the different societies of our day-to-day lives we see each of them joining together as one, expressing ideas and thoughts to create the markets systems we see in this century.
So what is the structural drive for efficiency?
The drive for efficiency is based on individuals which creates success and greed, due to

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