Captain America Civil War

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Earlier this year, Captain America: Civil War stormed into theaters wowing audiences with its spectacular narrative and incredible splash-page sequence that no one could stop talking about. Now, Disney and Marvel are letting fans bring that home, as the film is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD. Here are the list of bonus features with a review below. “Making of Captain America: Civil War”
Details a look at the path that lead us to the film from its inception and inspiration from the comics to the details in the fight scenes. Though this is only part one of the feature, they are broken down into sub-sections, starting with “Page To Screen,” which talks about the seven-issue comic book arc and how it served as an inspiration …show more content…

Since he and Wanda got their powers from the same source, it make sense that they have such a close relationship as they do in the comics. As we get to “The Hunter,” we learn about The Black Panther, who comes in with his own agenda. Chadwick Boseman talks about what it was like to get the part and the kind of training he went through to bring the Wakandan prince to life. “The Rookie” is, of course, all about Spider-Man. Here we learn why they start him off as the hero we know and love, and forego some familiar story elements like the murdering of Uncle Ben or the spider bite that gives Peter his powers. Not only does the chapter focus on Spider-Man, but also how Tom Holland's age plays a factor in the movie, as well as the future of the MCU. “The Battle” covers the film’s epic airport fight scene. The cast and crew describe their experience of what it was like to shoot that scene. “The Saboteur” addresses Zemo’s manipulation of the characters. “Aftermath” details the repercussions of Bucky's assassination of Tony Stark's parents, and how the writers used that to drive Iron Man and Cap to fight each other in the emotional final

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