Mature Themes in The Dark Knight Essay examples

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In a movie where good and evil are divided by a very thin line, the Dark Knight rises up to fight against injustice and corruption in Gotham City. An action sequel to the original Batman Begins, this installment is a lot darker filled with more explosion, twists, and suspense. For the first time, a comic has been integrated into the issues of the real world. With the help of District Attorney Harvey Dent and Lieutenant Gordon, Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining mob members and clean the streets of Gotham for good. Their success is only short-lived when they encounter the Joker, a mysterious mastermind who is out to prove that nobility cannot hold in a world of anarchy. From the beginning, Batman continues with his war on crime. …show more content…

Nolan creates an atmosphere where one scene will move steadily to the next, building anticipation until all hell breaks loose. Nolan has really done his research with this film as he explores a deeper meaning in good vs. evil. It makes the film seem so real life unlike most fantasy superhero movie. For some reason, the viewer can actually imagine this happening in real life. The lights and effects are very promising. Christian Bale returns to play the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman. His role in this movie is much more in depth than his first one. His first role seemed to be more at a superficial level and not often did he have to fight within himself. His adversary, the Joker is played by Heath Ledger who he would clashed with throughout the movie. A role that defined Ledger’s career, he makes the original Joker played by Jack Nicholson, look like child’s play. Michael Caine returns to play the loyal and always dependable Alfred the Butler. Katie Holmes has been replaced by Maggie Gyllenhall to play Rachael Dawes. Gyllenhall connects with the character much better than Holmes ever did. It seemed very natural for Gyllenhall unlike Holmes who awkwardly seemed out of place. District Attorney Harvey Dent is played by Aaron Eckhart, and Gary Oldman plays Lieutenant Jim Gordon. The opening scene starts off with five small-time criminals working under the devious mastermind that is the Joker. The dark,

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