Captain Everett Turgan Essay

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“By the look of things, Captain Everett Donovan, 1st Marine Division, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, was lucky to be alive” (13). Donovan has many conflicts by this point, but his biggest one is the fact that he is the only surviving member of his regiment, and is stranded in the North Korean tundra fighting for his life. He faces extreme cold as well as not knowing what day it is, no definite way to get help, and being shot and captured by a North Korean sniper as part of his troublesome journey through the tundra. Immediately, Captain Everett notices is the sheer cold of the tundra as he awakes from being unconscious for at least a day in the middle of a crater created by a mortar blast. As for the date “...extreme cold slowed …show more content…

He then looked at his shoulder to see it had been bandaged. Later they were surrounded by a group of soldiers and the sniper was ordered to make Donovan dig his own grave, but the sniper had traced the path to where American troops were on the map located on the back of the case for the shovel. As the Marine ran into the distance the North Korean fired two shots blindly to fake Donovan’s death. After returning to camp the North Korean Commander talked about how they had put mines directly in the path in which the sniper had sent Captain Everett. While talking to the commander there is an explosion in the distance and at that moment the sniper offers him a drink from the American’s canteen, and the commander calls for the guards and says “You will pay for what you have done!”, and then the guards drug him away and the book ends (76). The young Marine did everything I would have done in that situation, he didn’t have many options and he worked with what he had, and if it wasn’t for the unknown mines he would have survived. I learned that who you think is the enemy isn’t always the enemy, like how the Marine and the sniper are supposed to kill each other, but instead the sniper believes killing isn’t right and removes the bullet and bandages Donovan up. He also ends up getting himself imprisoned or killed for helping the Marine escape. Through harsh weather, the

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