Michael Fuerfield Research Paper

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On the night of September 1st 1939, the loud noise of air raid alarms awoke 19 year old Michael Furchester. Michael quickly ran outside with his mother and they saw airplanes swarm the smoke filled sky like bees around a hive. Michael and his mother froze In fear as they suddenly realized that they were in the middle of an enemy attack.Knowing they were in great danger they ran for cover to the other side of town. Michael and his mother took shelter in an old warehouse where other people gathered as well.

Inside the shelter the men women were separated. The next morning, all of the men including Michael boarded a train and they were sent to a military facility for training. After 2 months of training, Michael along with the other men were sent off to war. As they approached their base camp, Michael and the other soldiers were scared because the gunfire, the airplanes, and the bombs were very loud. Not long after arriving at base camp, the first cannon went off which was the signal for Michael and the other soldiers to charge. As thousands of enemy soldiers
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For 3 ½ months Michael laid on a hospital bed recovering from his injuries. On January 15th 1940, Michael was released from the hospital and was free to go home. As Michael stood outside the hospital main entrance and looked at the destruction that had occurred while he was in the hospital recovering, he was incomplete disbelief. Nothing was like it was before the night of the air raid that startled him and his mother from their sleep. Michael knew by looking around that there was no home to go back to. As he stood there with deep sadness and a sense of hopelessness, he caught a glimpse of a women across the way; it was his mother. Even though Michael had just spent 3 ½ months in the hospital recovering from a severe gunshot wound to his leg, he suddenly felt no pain as he ran as fast as he could towards his
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