Cardiac Surgery : The Denervated Heart

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Post Cardiac Transplant: The Denervated Heart

Wilbur J. Thomas III

The University of Southern Mississippi

I. Introduction to Cardiac Denervation Post Transplant
A. Overview of Cardiac Denervation Post transplant
B. Thesis Statement: Knowing that after any cardiac transplant surgery the new heart is completely denervated from all sympathetic and parasympathetic activity, limiting ones standard of living due to a null HR response to exercise, lack of angina, and a decrease in normal cardiac function, more knowledge is needed to obtain a better understanding of general information, Physiology, and the best means of treatment in a denervated heart.
C. Preview of topics to be discussed in paper
II. Cardiac Function
A. Normal Function
1. Intrinsic Conduction
2. Nervous System Activity
a. Parasympathetic
b. Sympathetic

B. Abnormal Function
1. Overview
2. Symptoms and diagnosis
3. Causes
4. Treatment
a. Heart Transplant
C. Cardiac Function following Heart Transplantation
1. Overview
2. Denervation
a. Lack of intrinsic conduction
b. Lack of nervous system integration
c. Depressed overall cardiac function
d. HR response controlled by Catacholines
3. Exercise
III. Treatment of Denervated Heart
A. Cardiac Rehab
1. Clinical setting
2. Monitored intensity changes
B. Pharmalogical treatment
C. Social Therapy
IV. Patient Outlook
A. Recovery
B. Standard of living
V. Conclusion
A. Review of paper
B. Restatement of thesis
C. Personal Insight


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