Care Plan on Stroke

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3000 word essay on patient with left sided stroke with one identified health need/problem: Dysphagia Student Name: Dashante` Burgess Green Cohort- Group 1 Module: NIP 1000 Word count: 3,010 A stroke is a life changing disease and sudden attack of weakness to one side of the body resulting from a interruption to the flow of blood going to the brain that can be a minor attack and resolved in a few days or major attack leaving the person with physical disabilities and cognitive deficit (McFerran 2008). Therefore, stroke can affect the quality of life of an individual from the lack of communication, mobility and independence and intern can cause one to become depressed. This essay is concerning the case of Mr. Alfred Smith who was …show more content…

The first phase of the nursing process is the assessment of the current needs/problems presented upon Mr. Smith’s arrival to hospital. The initial assessment requires the nurse to gain consent in order to gather any information such as his contact details as well as the contact details of his next of kin who in this case his is wife Susan and also the details of his GP, any known allergies he may have and any medications he may currently be on, whether he has dentures as well as his weight and BMI. During this phase, communication with the patient and family is essential to ensure that correct information is obtained so that a proper informed decision concerning his care can be made. In this case there may be some barriers that may effect the assessment process and that is the speech of Mr. smith is sometimes slurred, therefore he may need his wife to answer some of the more complex questions that require more than a yes or no answer. Nurses need to choose their words carefully so that they match the patient’s ability to understand them avoiding the use of medical jargon (Kraszewski & McEwen 2010). The dignity of the patient must be maintained at all times through all phases of the nursing process and a comfortable environment is essential-preferably in a private room or if not ensuring that the curtain is drawn out of respect for the patient (Barnes

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