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My career choice is a Forensic Psychologist. Since I first figured what I wanted to be when I grew up, it either involved science, medicine, and law. I went from Surgeon to Scientist then to Lawyer. It always somehow involved the criminal field. So, I did more research on what I could assemble and I came to the conclusion that being a Forensic Psychologist was the best route for me to take. In my paper, I will be telling you more in depth information about my career choice, how my thoughts of my career choice relate to the information of my career, my plan to get to this career, and furthermore my future.

To study the field of Forensic Psychology, I have to obtain my associate's and bachelor’s degree, but in order to work beyond that field and the actual career, I need to have both of those degrees plus my master’s in forensic psychology. It also involves me to get a law degree because it involves the criminal field. I also have to get a doctoral degree in psychology in order to finish my field of study. In my career, I have to do and be able to accomplish multiple tasks, such as; Apply psychology to the criminal justice system, Assess offenders’ state of mind at time of offense, Assess competency of individuals to stand trial, Assess risk of re-offending, Assess witness credibility,Evaluate child custody in divorce, and etc. According to the Georgia Career Information System, my average pay rate per year is averaged out to $66,480. It was also stated in the Georgia
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