Career Fields Of Interest Using Free Online Tools

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exploration skills, and research career fields of interest using free online tools like Get My Future and My Next Move. Both tools enable youth to self-assess their interests and learn about various industries as well as how to write a resume, get work experience/ job training and other assistance..

Postsecondary credentials and work-based learning are important aspects of youth career development. Once your organization is aware of the youth’s potential career interests, you can invite professionals from postsecondary institutions and college preparation programs to talk with youth about the requirements for obtaining certifications or degrees in their chosen career fields. You can also invite professionals working in the career fields
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Additionally there are a variety of approaches to assist your organization and youth as you work to build capacity for career development within youth development and leadership programs.

Try implementing a cohort model so that youth engage in mutual support as they take part in career development activities. If implementing cohorts does not work for your program, small groups can serve as an option. The goal is to create a safe space where youth can have genuine conversations and exchange feedback with one another regarding their experiences.

Take youth on field trips or tours would be a great way to further enhance your program and the youth’s career exploration skills. This is especially beneficial if youth have already been researching career options and the education and training required .Participating in tours to training programs, colleges, and various places of employment in the community will help youth better evaluate whether or not the careers they are interested in truly align with their goals and preferences. Keep in mind that your community partners may be able to provide insight on the most favorable places to visit.

Allow students to job shadow with staff at your organization as well as at other organizations. Asking community
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