Research Paper On Police Officers

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Anthony Frias
Mr. Decker
7 October 2015
Period 4
Career Research Paper

Police officers are responsible for protecting people and property. Related job titles include Sheriffs and sheriffs deputy, detectives, and state police officers. However all of these job titles have similar duties for example they are all responsible for the protection of people and property. These job titles might be very similar but they do differ in many ways. Police officers patrol the city issuing citations keeping the peace and conduct traffic stops. Sheriff 's and deputies hold practically the same duties as police officers but do so for the entire county. A state police officer could also be addressed as a state trooper. These officers usually patrol highways and issue citations and are frequently called for comprehensive law enforcement services. Detective is the title that differs from the others the most. Detectives aren 't in uniform. They investigate crime scenes and find evidence for criminal cases. Detectives conduct interviews, observe activities of suspects, and also participate in raids. Although a normal police officer does not earn as much income as related titles it is still a very demanding and dangerous job. Some of the best know criminal justice occupations include police officers and detectives. Its their responsibility to enforce the law and maintain peace. The ten year outlook for police officers is projected to be 10% employment growth from 2008 to

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