Police History Paper

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Abstract Starting In 1829, Sir Robert Peel began developing his theory of policing. These nine principles are as relevant today as they were in the 1800's. Peel established the Metropolitan Police when he served as Home Secretary of England. Since Sir Robert Peel introduced his principles of policing in the early 1800's, our country has continued to follow his ideas of effective policing. Community policing is based on Peel's concept of prevention. According to one of Peel’s principals, the real key for policing is "The police are the people and the people are the police". Peel believed that prevention of crime could be accomplished without intruding into the lives of citizens. Sir Robert Peel's first principle was that, “The basic…show more content…
By providing adequate training on the use of force and having the public's trust and respect can ensure that force is only used to the extent necessary. When individuals have little or no respect towards the police, they are most likely to ignore the requests or demands of officers. This can lead to the officer having to use force in order to gain control of a situation. Peel felt that “The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with it.” (Westminster Police Department, 2012) When police are faced with dispersing large crowds, it is necessary for the public to have the respect to follow police orders. When individuals lack trust and respect for the police, riots may occur, which can also lead to arrests, serious injuries, and even death. Sir Robert Peel's principles and Community Policing go hand in hand and share the same concepts and goals in policing. One of the distinct similarities between Peel's approach and Community Policing is that prevention of crimes is the number one priority. I believe that Peel felt morals played an important role in effective policing. It is important that police officers think things through and have the best interests in mind before making decisions. Peel’s principals “Police seek and preserve public favour not by catering to public opinion but by constantly demonstrating absolute impartial service to the law”,
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